Double Triple Chance

Double Triple Chance

What is The Double Triple Chance slot game?

Welcome to the fun and glittering world of Las Vegas, where anything is possible. This backgammon game combines the classic fruit fun with a 70’s smoke-filled casino and a great soundtrack, which gives you exactly what you need for a pleasant and entertaining experience. Who needs a complicated modern game when you can combine it with a classic one and make it even more fun? With Double Triple Chance you don't have to wait long to start collecting your winnings. If you like colours and fruity vibes, you are going to love this slot machine. Start playing today with Wunderino live casino!

It was originally an actual slot machine Double Triple Chance made it into the world of online slots in 2015 and hasn't been able to lose its popularity since then and has been in the top spot of the players' list for a long time to come. Because it's released early times, don't be expecting to see any flashy graphics on this one.

However, it does not cause eye irritation like some of the older slot machines, as retro graphics look appealing even in the context of modern-day standards. The background picture is made from a basic black and red background, and in the middle is a standard 3x3 grid, with five paylines with different fruit symbols displayed. A classic outer look indeed.

The base structure is simple design, with three reels and five paylines that are analyzed in order from right to left. On the reels, you'll see the standard slot symbols including well-known fruit like citrus, cherries and lemons. They're all fewer valuable symbols. Other symbols include diamonds, golden bell, diamonds and 7 lucky numbers, which can increase your winnings in the same way.

When the exact symbol occurs in every position, this can trigger a bonus game that has 7 reels, 6 of which can double your previous win. Only the red reel will end the game without the winnings being multiplied. It is possible to continue betting until you hit the red reel, and then you can take a moment to appreciate your winnings.

Three reels full of citrus fruits like cherries, lemons and plums, as well sevens, bells, along with the Merkur logo, which is the laughing sun.

There are no wilds or scatters present in the game, therefore this is a pure and simple slot that has just one feature. The ReWin feature acts as an omen wheel that lets you re-win the winnings you have made up to 6 times. This could result in winnings that can be as high as 15,000x.

How to win big at Double Triple Chance slot game?

Firstly, know the rules and value of every winning symbols, since understanding the fundamental elements could make a huge difference when playing.

Secondly, make smaller bets! With lower bets, players can play more often and stand a better chance of winning jackpots and bonuses.

Finally, make use of no deposit bonus codes to get as many advantages as possible from slot games. This is an excellent example of a chance-based game.

With these winning tips you can boost your chances of winning big and don't forget to have fun!

Double Triple Chance Bonus Features

The Double Triple Chance bonus feature is a ReWin feature. It is triggered after a full screen.

A wheel of fortune appears on the screen, which is divided into 7 segments. While six of them are labeled ReWin, one is a stud. If the wheel stops on a ReWin, you win again, and the wheel spins another time.

The wheel can spin a maximum of six times, since a ReWin segment is replaced by a stud on each spin. Thus, your chance decreases with each spin and after the 6th spin all segments are filled with studs.

__Wilds __

There is no wild symbol.

__Scatters __

There is also no scatter symbol.

__Free Spins __

This puristic slot doesn't have any Double Triple Chance free spins in store for you.

Double Triple Chance Jackpot

There is no Double Triple Chance Jackpot. However, the ReWin feature can reward you with up to 15,000x, a sum that even the best jackpot slots often fail to pay out.

RTP and Volatility

The Double Triple Chance RTP is 95.65%. This value is below the usual average of 96%, which means that the Double Triple Chance RTP is not one of the best slot payout ratios. Double Triple Chance volatility is rated as medium, which is fitting in terms of RTP.

Can I play Double Triple Chance slot game for free?

The best chances to get Double Triple Chance free spins as no deposit free spins are at Merkur-only casinos. Be sure to check them out, or first test how much you can win with the ReWin feature by using the slots demo.

Can I play Double Triple Chance on my mobile device?

Yes, The Double Triple Chance online slot can also keep your cash register ringing on all mobile devices, so you can also play this top slot on your smartphone or tablet at Wunderino online casino.

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