Champions of Mithrune

Champions of Mithrune

Mithrune, the kingdom Mithrune is in the process of experiencing the threat of extinction should the dark ruler Duran is able to speak about the matter. Duran will be on the quest to bring Mithrune under his control and the protection of the kingdom is dependent on a variety of heroes to create a gateway to his dark domain in order to take on the fight. This is the story of Champions of Mithrune, an online slot game developed by the developer Play'n GO that offers "an thrilling story, with exciting features that keep you on the edge your chair". Are you ready to the task?


The first thing that could draw players to the thrill is the graphics of the game. Champions of Mithrune has an attractive, fantasy-inspired look like slot machines like Ring of Odin. In this slot, players are transported to Mithrune and find an area of 5x5 along with a fortress that towers over them floating waterfalls, and bizarre floating structures. The perspective from the top adds weight to the fantasy of the base game before being transported to a much more threatening area in the bonus game.

Champions of Mithrune is not an epic of a game, however it does come with solid numbers. It is a great choice for gamers who enjoy their games with a twist; Play'n GO has given this portion of its mathematical model as an 8/10. The game is offered in various RTP options and with 96.25 percent being the top. It comes with 20 paylines fixed, the stakes ranging from 5 p/c up to EUR100 per spin. Additionally, the game is accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop machines.

If you look at the paytable, it will show 10 regular payouts, divided into five lesser payouts as well as five bonus. The premiums are 9-to-A royals which pay 1.2 or 1.6 times your bet if you land five of five of a kind. They are followed by five champions namely Anastina, Olc, Silvana, Gorm and Syn. Bonuses pay between 5 and 12 times the amount bet in the event that a line of five symbols is triggered. The wild symbol is displayed everywhere on the reels. Wilds can pay as much as 12x the amount bet for a five-line line or more, and can be utilized as a substitute for any symbols, except the scatter.

Special features

For additional features, Champions of Mithrune offers five champions that can be played in every phase of the game along with free spins that come with an energy-up mini-game.

Champion features

Every time you play the game base, there's an opportunity that one the modifiers for champions will be randomly activated. They could be:

Anastina the Sorceress Anastina puts a set of similar symbols on the grid, which are in between the 2x2 to 5x5 inches in size.

Olc the Goblin Olc the Goblin Olc transforms reels 3, 2, or four into Wild reels. The reels may be transformed into Wilds simultaneously.

Silvana the Ranger Silvana the Ranger Silvana places between 4 and seven symbols on reels.

Gorm the Barbarian Gorm the Barbarian Gorm transforms all instances of 5 or more Lower King symbolisms in Wild symbols.

Syn the Shapeshifter Syn the Shapeshifter Syn transforms every Champion symbols visible to the most lucrative Premium symbol.

Free Spins

If you collect three scatter symbols on reels 1,3 and 5 3 and 5, the free spins bonus game is activated. The bonus game starts by playing The Power Up mini-game. It is played on a five-reel matrix, where only Champion Tokens or Potions symbols can appear. It begins with 3 lives . Each time a new symbol is revealed it is replenished with lives. If all lives are gone then the free spins begin.

The collection of 3 champion tokens opens the exclusive champion feature that can be activated for every free spin. the possibility exists to get the five. When you collect 3 potions, it increases the win multiplier for free spins by +1 up to 10 times the maximum. In addition the collection of 3 scatter symbols will increase your free spins to 1 up to the maximum value of 10.

After unlocking the champion, each of the tiles that match will increase the multiplier. Once the multiplier is at it's maximum value, more load are added to the loader for free spins and when free spins are full with scatters, additional scatters are added to the multiplier. When the multiplier, champions and free spins have reached the top, free spins start.

When you play b, the locked champion feature is activated, and the multiplier applies to every win. Also, it's not possible to trigger the feature again.

Final words

One of the great aspects of Champions of Mithrune is that Play'n GO didn't just make up a silly story to then forget about it when the game actually begins. It instead, Champions of Mithrune tells an epic tale of good versus evil, as told by characters that are integrated into the game in various places. This world in Mithrune is charming and elegant, from the luxurious base game, to the dark bonus game that all gamers of fantasy should feel free to dive into. The cast is also nice with a wide range of races and character classes to explore.

It's likely that you will encounter them frequently because each has their own unique character features. Most of the options are standard features in features in slot machines, like symbols that transform into wilds, extra wilds symbols, symbol blocks, etc. Reel modifiers are popular due to an reason each can do things that are positive when you spin. However, it is important to note the fact that no one guarantee the possibility of winning and this is clearly stated on the game's sheet. This mini-game is also a fresh element in the game, and if you're the view that if one game is successful and more is better, then the prospect of five or more champions being present during every free spin is appealing. With an increase in winnings and you're likely to find the free spins can play a trick when spinning the reels. The potential for winning is good at 7,500 times stake, though PnG maximum payouts rarely appear to be a reality. It's more than games such as Rings of Odin or The Faces of Freya However, it is overshadowed by games like Tales of Asgard Loki's Fortune where a higher jackpot is essential.

If you think that helping to save the day by bringing five giant-than-life heroes sounds appealing and appealing, then you should consider firing the Champions of Mithrune and test it out. Play'n GO is adept at making these kinds of mythology and fantasy-themed slots and this talent will be tested with Champions of Mithrune on the best online casino website - Wunderino.


Are there any possibility to try Champions of Mithrune for free?
On our site it is possible to play for free the demo game Champions of Mithrune without having to sign up. Every casino website that is affiliated with Play'n'GO gives players free play in the demo version.

Do I have a chance to win real cash through the Champions of Mithrune slot?
A an account that is registered with a gaming website provider is the most suitable way in order to enjoy Champions of Mithrune with real money and earn real winnings.

What is the best website where you can play Champions of Mithrune on?
If you're looking to play without cost and play for fun, then you must visit an accredited gambling establishment or website which is affiliated with casinos such as Wunderino. If you want to play with real money, a reputable company with a great reputation and top-quality service should be selected. The ideal choice is based on your personal preferences.

Can I play on the Champions of Mithrune slot on my smartphone?
Yes the slot is mobile-friendly, and can be enjoyed on all devices.

How do I gain in Champions of Mithrune?
It is a legally-regulated video slot that offers random outcomes. All you have to do is be lucky. Look over the pay table for details on what you can earn you could get.

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