Incan Adventure

Incan Adventure

Incan Adventure slot from Microgaming and Gacha Studios can't really be called a conventional slot. It's more of an arcade game that has no reels or paylines at all. You'll find yourself in the shape of an adventurer character, equipped with a drill, who wants to drill blocks and thus dig his way to riches.

As already mentioned, there is no real grid in the form of reels and rows in Incan Adventure. Bets that you place in a range from 0.10€ up to 50€ count as a single drill in the game. The RTP is nevertheless present and this comes along with a value of 96.25%, whereby further the volatility is as hard as the blocks you drill: bone-crushingly high. At most, you can bag 5000x of the bet in Incan Adventure if you have a little luck and a good drill head at your disposal.

With each drill you make, a battery will slowly drain. When the battery is empty, the game will restart itself. You will have different types of blocks available instead of symbols. First of all, there are regular blocks as well as trap blocks. The latter only need a drill to break and pay out. Trap blocks, however, will hit your battery negatively. If the block holds you, however, you can find battery charges, Super Drills (x3 multiplier on all wins when drilling) and statue items from these as well. Then there are power blocks, which take multiple bets to break and then send out projectiles that randomly explode surrounding normal blocks at the count of 10. These will then turn into 1x1 diamond or gold blocks. These blocks again come in 1x1, 2x2 as well as 3x3 formats, all of which require multiple drill attempts. Wall blocks cannot be drilled. The statue blocks are needed for the free play bonus, where a normal drill brings one statue item and super drills bring 3 statue items for filling this meter. The different blocks have values of 15x maximum (normal and traps), 20x (power blocks), 24x (1x1 gold), 120x (2x2 gold) as well as 480x (3x3 gold), 48x (1x1 diamond), 240x (2x2 diamond) and 960x (3x3 diamond).

Incan Adventure slot machine is something different for once, as it must be clearly acknowledged. Away from fruit machines, 5-reel slots and the like and towards an arcade game. This may not be to the liking of some, but for the adventurous, this is certainly a unique offering. The mechanics of the game are also anything but complicated, even though it may seem that way at first. You make bets and with these bets you drill for the money. Of course, this can go into the money quickly, as unlike reel slots you lose track of your budget faster, but at the same time for drilling you have really excellent chances to come out with wins especially through the gold and diamond blocks. And the free spins have the right direction anyway with their free drills. So give Incan Adventure a few drilling spins and find out if you can drill your way to 5000x max!
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