Mystery Museum

Mystery Museum

Mystery Museum is a classic slot game developed by Push Gaming that transports you to underground of the museum, where ancient artifacts can result in incredible winnings. The game features Mystery Stacks that can land wherever they want and win even if they aren't in close to each other. It also offers a great gamble option that allows players to select between three winning odds , as well as bonus spins which allows winners to purchase additional free spins to earn part of the winnings. Be prepared for an exciting journey that will reward the player with more than he can think of.


The game is played in what seems to be a basement of a museum in which an illuminating light beams from the sky on the face of an angel's statue situated in the left-hand corner of the reels that spin. There is a distinct smell of damp in this part of the museum as you stroll through the walls of stone and old artefacts that speak to the past, perhaps even the past. There are totem poles located on both sides of the reels. Below is a book that's not yet opened in a box. The book is set to an epic orchestral music which sounds like something straight out of an adventure film. To be a good possibility of winning hit at least three of the same symbols on one of the paylines of 10, beginning with the first reel that is on the left. The game is available to all devices, including tablets, notebooks and desktops. mobile phones.Some of the symbols paying lowest at the museum's mysterious maths are two stone that have runic alphabets, an gold coin, as well as an unidentified stone with one of the popular slot symbols known to players: The Eye of Horus. It is worth 2X to 4X your bet when you win five of it. The symbols that pay the most payouts are three pitchers as well as a green shield adorned featuring Medusa and the snake with a Greek hair Medusa and the Roman helmet as well as the Egyptian mask. The odds of winning five of these symbols can vary from 10x the bet up to 500x on the Egyptian Mask. Also, there is The Wild Samurai symbol, represented by the image of a samurai wearing burning fire around his mouth and eyes. Additionally it is worth noting that it also pays 500x your stake. Wild Samurai pays 500x your stake when you land five paylines that have 5 symbols. It's also an online game's Scatter symbol, which grants free spins. Free spins when you hit three or more symbols on the paylines.


This thrilling slot game offers players an abundance of winnings with The Mystery Stacks that work wonders within the museum's antique artifacts. Due to the extreme probability of winning and the high chance of losing, you can spin a number of times without even winning a penny. The players who are risk-averse will be at home in this slot, however they must be on the lookout for winnings of up to 62003x the stake. It has the RTP at 96.58 percent Mystery Museum is among the top RTP slot machines and you should be expecting a high average return on stake. Be sure to play the most effective version. As is the norm, Push Gaming offers the slot machine with a variety of RTP levels. The lowest is 88.26 percent which is an incredibly low percentage.

In the end

There is a power gamble feature is another distinct feature of this online slots. The three odds available give it a more modern feel than the standard gamble feature as well as the power meter, which indicates the distance you're from having the ability to purchase free spins, is extremely well-known. Like we said, it is statistically more sensible to withdraw your money rather instead of paying 100x to get free spins.

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