Esqueleto Explosivo 2

Esqueleto Explosivo 2

Esqueleto Explosivo is among Thunderkick's most well-known online slots It's exciting to know that the company finally made an update. If you're not familiar with the first one, Esqueleto Explosivo will seem identical - however, there are some subtle distinctions. There are new icons this time around, and some of the sound effects are different but what's most important is the brand new gameplay.

Esqueleto Explosivo 2 Graphics And Sound

Its Day of the Dead/Dias De Los Muertos motif provides this slot an unique appearance. It's a festival which combines indigenous traditions alongside All Souls/Catholic Halloween to create a distinct and distinct aspect in Mexican culture. The slot machine is designed to recreate some of the imagery, with the striking addition of sugar skulls.

On the Mexican celebration sugar skulls also called calaveras are placed on altars specially designed in honor of the dead. They are usually decorated with beads and feathers and also frosting. In this game there are a variety of colored sugar skulls serve as the primary icons on reels. Each skull is not just the color of its own but also is believed to possess an individuality. Bandanas, flowers, mustaches and glasses can give each their own unique individuality.

If you're lucky and you win big, these skulls animated and bounce around while their jaws shake and are set off by fireworks. The skulls in the bottom row are suspended on skeletal bodies but they could fall down onto cascading reels, leaving the skulls empty of heads. It's a thrilling and unique feature that will make the slot stand out again.

As a nod to the Day of the Dead imagery the rest of the slot is the Mexican impression. In the background , you'll observe Mexican structures, such as churches, further back, a cactus as well as the desert's edge. The entire event takes place under a dazzling purple sky that creates the impression of a special evening. In the first group of skulls (the ones that have the bodies) can also be considered musicians and carry only the instruments you'd imagine to play in a local band. They include maracas, guitars and guitars as well as the violin and trumpet. Also, there is an incredibly distinctive fashion.

But the instruments aren't only for show. In fact, the sound effects and music associated with this slot highlight the theme more. The skulls even sing and laugh at the right times and will immerse you into the world of the slot. What is the fastest method to create an Mexican atmosphere than by incorporating an authentic mariachi band? The sound and graphics are a perfect match to ensure you get the most exciting experience playing.
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